Seeing Anew

As I contemplate the immeasurable gifts in my life, my relationship with Christ, my wife, my children and family have top billing. In the past 7 years I have been part of two new and related families; the Mission 1:27 family stateside and our Russian family in Slobodskoy and Kirov. Being part of these two new families has brought me such joy, affording me many opportunities of learning, friendship, and service. Serving the Mission 1:27 community alongside talented and caring individuals and families has been so rewarding and life changing. It has been an honor.
One of the foundations of this mission is letter writing. We cannot underestimate the power of the letter which connects and establishes relationships across the ocean. I am reminded of the faithfulness of the sponsors who write letters although they have never traveled to Slobodskoy; this is truly inspiring. Each person who has ever written a letter should know that your words of hope and encouragement are building blocks, allowing the child to see themselves “anew” through a lens of purpose and hope.
Traveling to Russia to be with the children has reaffirmed to me what it means to be childlike. The younger children are often hopeful and very trusting; they serve as a wonderful example that God wants us to trust Him always and be expectant. As a traveler, I can attest that the younger children “come as they are” with no pretense. We can also see ourselves and relationships mirrored through the older boys and girls: time, patience, and intention are building blocks for developing the trust that leads to friendship. Some of the most endearing relationships and life lessons have been learned from the workers at the Slobodskoy Orphanage. The effort and care they give is impossible to fully describe, other than to say it is astonishing and life-giving. My life is fuller because of the friendship with the many workers in Slobodskoy, the Disciplers and Interpreters, the children and the Mission 1:27 community.
Remain Faithful.
David Parker

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