Photos & Videos

Would you like to see some videos from our Russian efforts?  Here is a link to our YouTube page which is updated frequently:

YouTube Page (click on logo)

And here are some of our favorite photos from the trip.  There are a lot more where these came from 🙂

Pulling our bags through the snow from our bus to our hotel in Slobodskoy

Kate with Alyosha and Katya

The Naylors with two Russian friends

David doing his teaching to the kids

Patsy and Maddie with one our great translators, Masha

Norma styling hair like a pro!!

Tom, Kostya and their boys

Carrie and Davit

Mark helping with a craft

The Americans and Russians after a friendly game of futbol

Patty and Rachel in a classroom

Craig and Kate with Natasha and two other boys

Holly with Sveta and Katya

A picture is worth a thousand words…