Russian calligraphy classes, play-dough and friendship wins again

Russian winter’s back for the natives of Slobodskoy orphanage and all the guests from Chapel Hill, NC. Snowball fighting and bathing in the puddles (Nick will tell you) are just the right things to do.

It’s been a very energetic day and very mild and relaxing at the same time. Relaxing, because we had enough opportunities to meditate and do some crafts (lots of play-dough in the afternoon and in the end of the day – our green rhino was one of the best, by the way). Energetic, because we had traditional famous Galympics; though our team, Lightning, was very close, friendship won, as usual. No wonder, somehow.

The day was marked by the guest visit of ex-director Galina. From the very beginning she was with the team and warm sweet memories were coming to our minds when remembering good old days!

I personally was really happy to see my friend Pasha, luckily, we spent the evening in their family, talking and… modeling play-dough!

The most impressive recollection of the day for me (who would guess!) was looking at Nick’s diligent attempts to imitate Russian mysterious handwriting during the calligraphy class, it all being done with an ink pen!

The day’s gone, by God’s grace, as mild and positive as it was started.

Vladimir Ditmar, translator.


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