Recently I read an article about an American mother and her daughter that flew to Moscow and took a train 800-900 miles south to the 2014 Sochi Olympiad. They occupied the upper bunk of a sleeping berth on the train and “roomed” with 2 Russian women that spoke no English. The Russian women shared food with the mom and daughter and treated them to two teas! The Americans were amazed at the kindness and hospitality shown to them. This story is similar to Craig Wood’s experience when he traveled alone by train and other M1:27 travelers who have experienced random acts of kindness shown by our Russian hosts in Slobodskoy and Kirov.

This Fall M1:27 will have its 7th Birthday! 2013 was an astonishing year that saw 100% sponsorship of the Slobodskoy Orphans. Through the generous support of donors, sponsors, and the time and efforts of individuals coordinating and working the “To Russia with Love” fundraiser, funds were raised for new and continuing programming in both Orphanage and Ministry Center.  Prayer, sponsorship, letter writing, Skype, and mission trips have allowed relationships to form. Evidence of God’s fingerprints on the children and M1:27 can be felt, heard and seen in John Cline’s wonderful video:

As I contemplate the year ahead for M1:27, I have great anticipation. In a recent M1:27 Board meeting , I was touched by two prayers which were connected by spirit-filled threads. Doug Kubel asked that God be present at the meeting and that our hearts be open to His will; Christi Dye thanked God for relationships, the cornerstone of this mission at home and in Russia. In the days following the meeting, I prayed and was given an answer in the form of a question: “Do you trust me?”  I said “yes” to which God replied “Look forward to 2014. I have astonishing things in store for the children and M127.” I am challenging myself to praying daily for God’s will and provision for the children, M1:27 and relationships. Will you join me? As we hear God’s words, directions and His will, I hope that we can share these with one another.

As the mission team prepares to travel to Russia this spring, please encourage your friends and co-workers to sign up for the blog feeds that will keep them in touch with the traveler’s day to day experiences at

Expect to be astonished!

David Parker

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