Soon and Very Soon

As you may know, Mission 1:27’s Spring travel team will be leaving for Slobodskoy soon.  You may not know, however, that an “advance team” of four is leaving sooner.  They’re leaving very soon……today, in fact!  One fourth of the sixteen member team will spend a couple of extra days in Kirov, scouting the best deals on supplies and sports equipment for the orphanage. Please keep them in your prayers, particularly as they make the 40 + hour journey into Kirov.

Our other twelve travelers will be leaving on Good Friday, and will arrive in Kirov Easter Morning.  There, a reunion of sorts will take place, as our team becomes one again and gains new members — our incredible group of interpreters.  The team will enjoy breakfast in Kirov and attend a Russian Orthodox church before boarding the bus for Slobodskoy.  After a quick shower at the hotel, the team will finally arrive at the orphanage Sunday afternoon.

Please lift the team in prayer throughout the week, that God’s love will shine through them as a symbol of hope to His children in Slobodskoy.  You’ll be seeing more activity on the blog as our travelers share their thoughts before, during, and after the trip. So stay tuned!

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Mission 1:27

One thought on “Soon and Very Soon

  1. And so that old spiritual goes: “soon and very soon, we are going to see the King…”

    May you bring the presence of Christ to friends in Russia, and may you see Christ in them. Blessings and love and peace and safety for you on this present journey. Love, K

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