The Big Night is Saturday… “To Russia with Love” Event – Deanne B.

Our Russian travelers are back home safe and sound – and now many of us are preparing to go back “To Russia with Love” on Saturday night. Okay, not literally…but it’s an important night for all of us associated with Mission 1:27.

I am so happy to share an update on the wonderful work being done on behalf of Mission 1:27 and the “To Russia with Love” event team. As a reminder, our important event is being held at Pazzo! in Southern Village from 7:00 – 10:00 pm on this Saturday, October 20. If you haven’t done so already, you can still reserve your tickets for our special evening. Just click on the link HERE to learn more about the event and reserve your spot.

We are putting together an evening of fun and purpose. This has been my third year assisting in the one and only fundraiser for Mission 1:27. I am grateful to get to know these women of generous spirit. We share a common goal of helping the children of Slobodskoy as much as we can.

The funds raised make so much possible: such as computers, field trips, clothing and much, much more. As a fellow traveler last year, I saw first hand the things that have been accomplished and how much more we have to do. We have helped create a computer lab that has allowed the children’s education to be more than just the orphanage’s four walls. Mission 1:27 has taken the children on numerous field trips and exposed them to the city and a tech school where they may go after they graduate.

Mission 1:27 also provides funding for the program of Disciplers. These are two wonderful adults of faith who support and love the children every week. They provide that extra friendship that every child needs.

The funds raised at our event are also imperative to continue the well-rounded exposure and visits from Christ Church member’s that bring so much love and hope to the children of Slobodskoy. The travelers pay their own travel expenses, but funds from “To Russia with Love” provide support materials for the children of Slobodskoy during the visit.

In the past I have searched and prayed for the best way to give back – to follow God’s path for me. Last year it became very clear that I needed to go to Russia. It was a wonderful experience and gave many surprises that were truly moving.

I can’t see a picture of the beautiful children of Slobodskoy and not feel called to help in some way. This year as I prayed for the right path to be revealed to me again, it was clear that I needed to give back by co-chairing the fundraising committee. It has brought many gifts of friendship and purpose.

Over the last few years, I have learned there are many ways to make a difference to these children such as

  • buying a ticket to the event
  • sponsoring a child
  • writing a letter
  • sending a photo
  • traveling to Slobodskoy
  • purchasing a graduation basket
  • bidding on a silent auction item

I am so very grateful that I get to be part of making these things happen and bringing joy, hope and love to the children in Slobodskoy. Thanks be to God!!

Thanks for all that you do for Mission 1:27 and the dear children in Slobodskoy.

P.S. Want to see how much fun we have at this event?!?! Here are a few pictures from recent “To Russia with Love” events.

Lots of GREAT silent auction items

World class sports items as you might expect in a town known for great sports teams

Great friends and great food

Service with a smile – all in Russian style!!

One thought on “The Big Night is Saturday… “To Russia with Love” Event – Deanne B.

  1. Thank you so much for such a lovely and thoughtful message about the big event! I appreciated your warm welcome in the fellowship hall. Your legendary status from the previous trip is still fondly remembered by many! I hope to talk with you again soon.

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