Photos from Russia – An Early Glimpse

Hot off the press!! Here are some initial photos from the group in Russia, courtesy of our very dear friend and M127 supporter, Sveta. Enjoy a first glimpse into some of the early activities this week! Note: You can click on any thumbnail to get a larger view of the photo.

BTW – This ministry would not exist without Sveta – and not just because she sends us great photos from each trip. She is the heart and soul of the ministry and a tireless advocate for the orphans and staff in Slobodskoy. Мы любим тебя.

On the train to Kirov

At Asya’s cafe

At the Kirov Ministry Center with the freshmen

Arrival in Kirov

The official sign off on the week’s schedule – Doug and Galina

A surprise visitor at the train station – KOSS!!

Katya practicing a new skill of braiding Patti

Patti and Pavel

A visit from our beloved Vova

Zhenya and Rusla showing off

The new Katya – Ministry Center activities coordinator

Sorting the hats for the kids

Pastor Steve sporting a new chapeau

Patti, Andrey, Anya & Andrey

Petya showing off

Steve in the infamous “Reindeer Lounge”

Patti with some of our translator friends

Getting off the train in Kirov

On the bus to Slobodskoy – from one mode of transportation to another

One of the orphanage bedrooms after the fire and renovations

Patti and Koss

Katya with her greeting song

Katya welcoming the travelers at the orphanage

Galina reporting on the Orchid well being

The kids of Group V

Happy friend’s reunion – Uli and Masha

Barbara and Anya

Doug with the celebratory Russian bagel necklace

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