It’s Time – Doug K.

Like many adults, I’ve found that time seems to pass much more quickly than it used to. The time between birthdays feels shorter and shorter each year. Do you remember how long it was from one Christmas to the next when you were a child? Or how interminable the school years were between summer breaks? Years just don’t seem to have as many days now as they did then.

That’s true for most events today, except for one; the time between trips to Russia is just as long as between those long ago Christmases. As soon as I left the orphanage last year, before I even left Russia, I was already thinking about the next trip. When would I see all of “my” kids at the orphanage again? When would we play, talk, sing and share life together again?

I’ve been preparing for that time for the past eleven months now, and the wait is almost over. On Thursday morning, we’ll leave from the airport and 48 hours later we’ll see our children again. It’s a lot like being a child again. The long, long wait is almost over. It’s almost time to celebrate.

Please pray for our team, that God’s will be worked in us and through us. Please pray the same for the children, for all who care for them, and for those who make our trips possible.

3 thoughts on “It’s Time – Doug K.

  1. Doug, Steve, and the whole team,

    I feel so wistful because I can’t be traveling with you. Please believe I am there in spirit and in prayers. Did you get enough popcorn? Steve, that was my job last year (guess they give it to a rookie!) so when you are frantically trying to fill all those bags in time, just remember it somehow all works out. I know God will bless your journey. Please give Sasha and Ruslan and Zhenya and Dasha and all my old group big hugs.

  2. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to hearing all about this upon your return. God will be with you every step of the way. Much love and hugs, Ellen Wean

  3. Just heard from Doug that the team has arrived in Slobodskoi, and is on the way to the orphanage. He says the travel has gone “very well” and they are excited to be there! More to come…

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