It is Holy Week Indeed – Suzanne H.

Landing in Moscow, as I collected my bag with books, trail mix, and earplugs, it began to sink in that I truly have not been on a mission trip in over 15 years.  For years, I led youth mission trips but this all came to a halt when I had kids.  The truth is, it’s felt like I’ve had a youth group in my own home, which has rendered me unable to even think of venturing on a mission trip for a while.

So, it’s hard to explain my feelings as we landed.  Most of all, I was overwhelmed with the thought that the last mission trip I led to Washington DC, I was expecting my first baby – Chloe.  And now on this my first mission trip in 15 years, I am journeying alongside Chloe.  God is so good.

While I knew that the mission experience would be awe inspiring, I was unprepared for the amazing richness of traveling with a community of believers again in mission.  And I was particularly unprepared for the beauty of being able to share this journey during Holy Week with my daughter.   This feels like a unique gift – being able to reach out in love to orphans who God loves deeply – along with my daughter who has actually been here to Russia and to this orphanage before me.

Scott and Chloe came with Mission 1:27 last year to Slobodskoy with many of the same pilgrims who are on the trip this year.  So I knew this experience was going to be wonderful; I’ve heard about this trip for a year and about the power of this mission for even longer.   But the faith of these believers illustrated in their utter willingness to serve has been an absolutely breathtaking reality.  They have ministered to me by the example of their faith – including my daughter.

The children at the orphanage radiate the image of God so purely.  Their smiles and joy are bold and unreasonable in the midst of the reality of their lives, but God is surely with them and it shows.  And this love of God flows from our faithful believers to the children and from the children, who are the “least of these,” back to us all.   Because of the promise of the Resurrection, the orphanage is a holy space and it is a joy to be here.  God is indeed good and it is surely Holy Week.

4 thoughts on “It is Holy Week Indeed – Suzanne H.

  1. What a nice message. Thank you for sharing. I will think of the entire group even more during this Holy Week. God Bless!

  2. Thank you for such an inspiring message this Easter week. It is a truly a blessing to be with your daughter and surrounded by such godly folks. I am reminded of Psalm 17…God is showing you the wonder of His great love. He is keeping you as the apple of His eye and hiding you in the shadow of His wings.
    Love on those Russian children for all of us!
    Love and safe travels to you,

  3. Suzanne, how proud you must be to see Chloe in this atmosphere – and she, you. I love your phrase about the children’s smiles being bold and unreasonable. Yes, that’s a perfect description and a true testament to the love of God that is spilling out all over the place there. What a wonderful place to be during Holy Week.

  4. Just now getting a chance to read the blogs from the recent M1:27 trip to Russia. I was moved by reading my wife’s post, especially when she talked about our daughter, Chloe. I am so pleased that these two women could share such an amazing journey together. Mission work is very important to Suzanne, and her return to such ministry gives me great joy. GIG. Scott

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