Welcome Back to the Real World – or Not?

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions as we arrive home from Russia – “Are you excited to get back to the real world?” It’s a logical question as traveling halfway across the world to spend a week with almost a hundred Russian orphans hardly seems logical and “real.” And the lure of the creature comforts of home are definitely enticing as we prepare to land at JFK.

Just nine days ago, we left for Russia with a desire to serve others. We wanted to live into the calling to love the least of these. And yet, we are the ones who feel served and loved. This journey created a whole new sense of perspective, something that’s lasting and permanent. And it’s tough to imagine life being the same going forward.

As we arrive home tonight, it’s hard not to think that we are actually leaving the real world rather than coming back to it. The joy we shared this week was real. The pain we experienced this week was real. The tears, the laughter, the friendship, the love – all real. The things in life that seemed important days or weeks ago suddenly are not as significant. What really matters are the relationships we form, the love that we give and the joy we receive through community.

It’s sounds so simple…and we’ve learned this week that it actually is. Thanks be to God.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Back to the Real World – or Not?

  1. Jesus, as he sends out the disciples on their first “mission”: “As you go, preach this message: ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is near’.” Matthew 10:7

    It sounds like the encounters at Slobodskoy, for both the visitor and resident, are “thin places”–where the Kingdom of Heaven is near, tangible and more real than what we can use the five senses to comprehend. Hallelujah!

  2. They are ‘thin places’. You are exactly right. And actually the senses can be overwhelmed by being so close to God there. As I read all of these blogs again this morning(with my husband home again, Yea!) I am reminded of the blanket of grace God has put over these children and caregivers. You can feel it in your heart when you are there. Thanks be to God!

  3. Nice job with all the posts. This one was really special. Congrads to Mission 1:27 on its 100th blog (post). I cannot think of a better one to mark the event. God Bless!

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