A Few Pictures to Whet Your Appetite

We are sitting at the airport in Moscow (thank you, free Wi-Fi!) and reflecting on what a great trip we had. There will be many more blog posts in the coming days as we try to articulate our individual and collective thoughts on our journey. We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing many different voices on the blog as we plan to continue to share our unique experiences this way.

In addition to capturing our thoughts in words, there are many, many pictures to share!! I am guessing that Facebook will be the primary vehicle for posting pictures and videos, so make sure you are a friend of one of the travelers (if you’re reading this blog, you probably are). But just to give you a sense of our experience, here are a few photos from the trip. Enjoy!!


The kids jump for joy at arriving in Moscow!

Opening Ceremony with Sveta, Natasha and Galina

Rush next to a wall of Russian Orthodox icons in the orphanage

Claire, Rinata and Kate

Sharing the hockey love - Russian Craig and American Misha

The Galympics - outside in the snow this year!!

Two of the caregivers - Tatiana and Sveta

Nataliya (translator), Lena and Kate

Kolya and his older brother, Sasha. What a story!!

Grace and Sasha on our last day

A snowy goodbye to our dear interpreter friends



2 thoughts on “A Few Pictures to Whet Your Appetite

  1. Thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed looking at the snowy pictures from my balcony overlooking Carolina Beach. I hope the rest of your trip is safe. Welcome home (almost)!

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