Unconditional Love – by Chloe H.

Author: Chloe H. is a seventh grader and on her first trip to Russia. She is traveling with her father, who is also making his first trip to Slobodskoy. Chloe celebrated her 13th birthday on Monday with a bunch of new Russian friends.

I want to tell you about one very special girl named Aloyna. I do not sponsor Aloyna, and did not know her at all before this trip, yet she showed unconditional love towards me. It began with Aloyna giving me a picture of her and her friends for no reason at all. I think that she was trying to say, “See? That’s me and those are my friends. Do you care about us? Everyone needs love in their life.”

But what really stunned me is that Aloyna gave me what is probably one of the only stuffed animals she owns. Aloyna heard that my birthday was the next day and decided to give me her stuffed goat. This blog is not just about this girl named Aloyna but all of the kids, too. They are all generous with even the few possessions they have.

We may be on a mission trip helping these children, but they are teaching us life lessons as well.

9 thoughts on “Unconditional Love – by Chloe H.

  1. Chloe, I am so happy for you and for those kids who get to know you. I am sure your smile and kindness will be with them for years to come.

  2. Thirteen, how wonderful! HappyHappyBirthdayHappyHappyBirthdayHapppyHappyBirthday to YOU! That is your birthday song;) Chloe I have no doubt that a stuffed toy goat will be one of your life long treasures in more ways than you can fully know now. Right now I am reading John Garr’s book, “God and Women”. Here in part is a concluding thought about being made in the image and likeness of God. “…the greatest quality of God’s image in humanity is the openness to relationship with God and with others.” Your Sister in Prayer, PLH

    • Happy Birthday Chloe. We are so proud of you and the trip you are making.
      These will be memories of a life time. Love ya soooo. much

  3. Happy 13th Birthday Sweet Chloe! Thank you for your touching blog post on unconditional love. Your new stuffed goat and the friendships you are forming on this trip will be life long gifts that are priceless. We are all so proud of you. Keep spreading your love…xoxox Aunt Hillary

  4. Chloe,
    Belated happy birthday wishes to you! What a powerful and life-changing connection you have made. You are giving the gift of your time and Aloyna was responding to you. I’m thanking God that both your life and Aloyna’s life have been touched through the ministry of Mission 1:27.

  5. Chloe, how wonderful that you are making these kinds of friendships, receiving as well as giving!!! I know you will never forget it and thank you sooo much for taking the time and effort to share these precious words with us. I know that your sweet smile and your caring nature drew Alyona to you!! I know you are making everyone around you feel special. I hope you also know how special YOU are!! Happy Birthday and thank you for being there for all of us!!! Love, Christi

  6. Chloe,

    That’s a birthday you’ll always remember! I’m glad your new Russian friends made it so special for you. We can all learn much from the generosity shown by people who have few possessions. Lots of love offered up in both directions there!

    Happy belated birthday,

  7. Chloe,
    This is a beautiful writing describing something that is so lovely, words cannot capture it all. Thank you for putting it into words for us. I am certain that the love of God in you is magnetic to the children you are meeting there, and they will always carry you in their hearts, as you will them.
    You are truly a treasure to me and dad! And you are a treasure to the world – including children in Slobodskoy! Happy 13 Birthday. Thank you for this gift!

  8. Dearest Chloe.
    How happy I was to read your blog. It truly is the giving that matters. How tender that was for her to give you what was perhaps her only stuffed animal. We are so proud of you and your dad and the mission at the orphanage. The children sound adorable and I know you have given your heart completely to these new friends. It would be wonderful to repeat the trip again. It seems as if you have spiritually grown so much. Travel safely. Cannot wait to see you and hear all the stories. Much love. GG

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