Beauty from the Inside – by Kate W.

Author:  Kate is a seventh grader and on her second trip to Russia, this time traveling with her dad and older sister. She loves her mom very much and knows that she is traveling with us in spirit.

Today we are touring Moscow. The churches here are so beautiful. But being in Russia has taught me that being beautiful comes from the inside. I know how corny that sounds, but it is true. Although the outside of the churches are amazing, the insides can be even more amazing.  Church means so much to the people here, and it is so cool to be able to see these Russians praising the Lord.

It isn’t even the churches that I see God the most in.  Last year, as we waited on the bus for our parents to pick up some snacks for the train, we saw something I would have never expected to see in Moscow. There was a man feeding and clothing the homeless. He had a blue mini van, and in the back were clothes, food, and water.  Homeless had crowded around him and he gave every item in his van away. The man that was helping the homeless was quite skinny and his clothes were pretty tattered, yet he was still giving away all that he had. From our bus you could see the smiles on the peoples’ faces as they received a meal. Then the homeless and the man stood in a circle, held hands, and prayed. It was one of the most mind-blowing and beautiful sights I have ever seen.

This year I was wondering if we would see the same man again. Would he still be on the street corner? Or was God helping those who need help in some other way? All I know is that we are not the only ones trying to make a change in Russia. God is doing miraculous things for this corner of the world, and I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of it.

12 thoughts on “Beauty from the Inside – by Kate W.

  1. Kate, what a beautiful story! I know you’ll encounter God in many people on this trip, and many will see God in you. Blessings and thanks to all of you travelers!

  2. Thank for sharing. So pleased you are in Moscow already. Have fun! Please give Patsy and Maddie a big hug from Max and me. All the best. Good bless you and your family.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for giving your heart and making such a wonderful difference in the world…

  4. Thanks, “Twinnie”, for being there to experience, and then express to us so caringly, the beauty of those who give to others. You, and all who are on this trip with you, are examples of that grace. We, at home, can only pray, applaud, and thank God for the gifts we’ve been given. Hug your dad and sister for me, Grantan

  5. Wow – thank you for sharing that story. God has certainly led you back to Russia again and I know you will again touch many children’s lives. I appreciate your wisdom, the depth of insight, and your love for others. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe!

  6. Kate, that was beautiful – an amazing experience.

    We are so very proud of you and your family for all you do for the children at the orphanage. We love you and miss you and our prayers are with you. We are taking good care of your Mom and Murphy and can’t wait to see you when you return.

    Our love to you, your sister and your dad,

  7. As your mom, I can only respond by giving you a big hug across the ocean. You are an amazing daughter in every way. I am so proud of your insight, service to others, and huge heart. You have been led by God to a small, small village in Russia to do His work. I love you so much.

  8. What great insight you have that most of us choose to gloss over. You are truly blessed to be able to be there helping others and seeing what a difference you can make.

  9. Your story about the man giving away clothing and food was truly heartwarming. Know you are having a wonderful time visiting your friends. Will look forward to hearing all about it.

  10. Kate-
    That is such a neat story, I think it’s so neat that you can spred your love all over the world. It’s so cool to see God working like that. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip. I love and miss you so much.

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