9 thoughts on “The Trees are Coming Back to the Garden – by Misha

  1. This is a beautiful post from a man of great depth and character. I, too, feel the wonderful sense of closeness with the kids in Slobodskoi and all of our dear friends (so much, much more than just interpreters and orphanage staff) while we are yet so far away.

    Thank you, Misha, for this heartfelt and powerfully written post. I am touched by your words.


  2. Misha: Wow!! What an inspirational message. Thank you for being that giant oak that is there for these kids at Slobodskoy.

  3. Миша, молодец! Спасибо за твое время, силы и любовь, которые ты посвящаешь детям. Пусть Господь открывает наши глаза как слепым каждый раз, когда мы погружаемся в суету наших дней. Чтобы и мы видели Его красоту!
    Сил, терпения и радости в предстоящей неделе!

  4. Thanks for all the comments. As for Kira’s note in Russian, here is a rough translation (thanks to Google translate):

    “Mike, well done! Thank you for your time, effort and love that you devote to children. May God open our eyes to how blind every time we dive into the hustle and bustle of our days. So that we have seen His beauty!
    Forces, patience and joy in the coming week!”

    Indeed, let us see His beauty every day – in Slobodskoy and beyond.

  5. This next comment is from Yana, another one of our interpreters and dear friends in Russia:

    I would like to mark on Misha’s entry, I do remember this story too, told by Christi, I also didn’t share my thoughts that day…but I found this words very philosophical. Trees can be different too. They may be great and green and they may be leafless and black. It just depends on how a person perceives that not with their eyes but with their mind. So, there are two ways: it is better for people to try be like great wise green trees (pleasant to look at, to talk to), but for the other side, it is better to hide from people`s cruel world and better join the nature.

    Thank you very much for taking care for the kids and being good friends and support to them.

    Best regards,

  6. Misha, thank you for keeping this verse in mind. Let me share my thoughts on it as well. The blind in a special way perceives the power of touch. Jesus shows considerateness in bringing this man to a place away from the skeptics and gawkers. His sight is restored in stages as he responds to Jesus’ healing touch. Alike the sight is not clear after the first touch (the image of trees instead of the real image of individuals), it often happens that brightness of one’s intentions is darkened by skepticism. The power of your deeds is so great that it opens kids’ eyes to one simple truth: miracles are around you! Be open to what’s happening in your life and become the part of it!

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