Day #8 – Arrival in Moscow

Just wanted everyone to know that we are safely in our hotel in Moscow, enjoying hot showers, wi-fi access and a cup of coffee. We will spend the day being tourists in this city and will end our time together with an Easter Celebration and Service led by Shay. It will be a memorable way to ring in Easter Sunday.

I am also hoping to get a few moments to post some pictures before we take off tomorrow, just so you all can have some visual images of our experience here. Hopefully that will work.

I promised a shout out to Max, who has been following this blog and anxiously awaiting the arrival of his mom and sister. For all of you awaiting the return of a loved one – this shout out is for you! We can’t wait to get home to see you, to share with you the stories from this week and give you a little glimpse into this life-changing journey to see Christ. May each of you experience the Living God on this Easter weekend. Пока! (Pronounced Paka – bye bye in Russian.)

2 thoughts on “Day #8 – Arrival in Moscow

  1. Happy Easter and safe travels! We can’t wait to see the pictures and hear the stories!! What a gift you have given these children… and that they have given you!

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