A Small Sample of Pictures from the Journey to Russia


We just finished our Easter Celebration Service and headed to bed for our flight home tomorrow. More on our final day in Moscow will come in my final blog posting from the trip. But while I have internet access at a little cafe in our hotel, I thought I would upload a sampling of the 2,500+ plus pictures our team took during the course of our week here. Enjoy these few shots and captions…and know that there are more where these came from!  

Shay and his peeps on the train


Pulling our bags through the snow from our bus to our hotel in Slobodskoy


Kate with Alyosha and Katya


The American kids eating at the orphanage


The Naylors with Irena and Stas


David doing his teaching to the kids


Patsy and Maddie with one our great translators, Masha


Norma styling hair like a pro!!


Craig and Kate with Natasha and two other boys


Holly with Sveta and Katya


Kim and Claire with Rinata and Ruslan


Grace captivating the audience with her jump rope untying skills


Tom, Kostya and their boys


Carrie and Davit


Mark helping with a craft


The Americans and Russians after a friendly game of futbol


Shay teaching the kids...or maybe handing out candy


Patty and Rachel in a classroom


Misha and Kostya with Vlad and balls dontated by CUMC


Galena, orphanage director, showing her styling skills on Julia


Kendall, Maddie and Claire hamming it up for the camera

2 thoughts on “A Small Sample of Pictures from the Journey to Russia

  1. Great work as always Craig. Thanks for all your posts. They have been the highlight of Holy Week for me & Max. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the week with us! Can’t wait to see all of you and hear more about your experiences. Happy Easter! Safe travels home!

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