Day #4 – Our First Full Day at the Orphanage

Knowing that I will have internet access for a few minutes soon, I will start today’s blog post early. We all had an incredible night’s sleep in a comfortable bed in a warm hotel – yet my mind was filled with the images of the kids sleeping 6-8 in a room with their worn mattresses and single blanket. It’s cold and snowy outside, quite a contrast to the sunny and relatively warm weather we have experienced so far. We will spend the entire day at the orphanage, eating all three meals there and spending time with the children. In the morning, we will have some performances from the kids and they will teach us some Russian folk dances. This afternoon, we will be spend five hour hosting different stations with them, from some craft areas to sports in the gym to manicures and pedicures. I expect this time will fly by as the kids will soak up the new activities and all the attention. More later…

13 thoughts on “Day #4 – Our First Full Day at the Orphanage

  1. So grateful to see your postings. Knew you were all safe and sound, but nevertheless your group has been on my mind since you left Saturday. Sounds like a life changing experience for all. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You will be in our thoughts and prayers as you begin your first full day! Those children are lucky to have such an loving and caring group!

  3. So glad you are writing this blog – what an amazing experience and you all are only 4 days in! It sounds like it will be an incredible time for the children (both in the orphanage and your own!) as well as for everyone involved. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures when you get back.

  4. Hello Friends:
    Thanks for the blogs. I have been in communication with Olga and knew that all was well with the team. Glad that the hotel is good and that our prayers have been answered. Tell my friends that I said hello.
    Love and Blessings,

  5. Craig – Thank you SO much for your wonderful, moving, and informative account of your trip! I have had tears rolling down my face as I’ve read your words, and I’m so thrilled that you, Holly, and Kendall and Kate… well as all the others on the trip…..are enriching your lives as well as those of the orphan children’s lives, with your presence there.
    Eagerly await tomorrow’s news.

    Love to all,

  6. I have such mixed emotions reading your blog. On the one hand, I am so proud of you all that it brings tears to my eyes. On the other hand, my heart aches that I can’t be with you. Please kiss my children for me! Have a wonderful time and be safe!

    Carol Jones

  7. We are so thankful for your safe arrival and that no one was left behind in the airport. Keep those airport, train, and bus stories coming – they make great sermon material.
    Our prayers are with you. You are our ambassadors of love and ambassadors of Christ. I have learned that as we go to be among “the least of these” that something miraculous always happens. As we seek to reach out with the love of Jesus, he always comes very near to us. Jesus is always with those in greatest need.
    I pray that many are transformed by your trip and that you are among those who are forever changed. In His Joy, Pastor Steve McElroy

  8. Craig and Family, your service and message to the kids will last their entire lifetime. It is clear that God’s grace and love is working through each one of you, keep it up. John Goodman

  9. You all are the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for being willing to GO when called…reading your stories has been such a gift. Thank you for all of the updates. May you all be covered with the Spirit as you love His children.

  10. Updates are great to get. Thanks for doing them. I am so greatly moved each time I read them. I have read & re-read them so many times today. Thanks.


  11. Friends, what a beautiful journey! I dreamed last night I was in Russia!! I wish I were, but in a sense, I am! Thank you for being there on behalf of all of us, sharing our love and Christ’s love…and discovering his love all at the same time. I can imagine their smiles and yours as you come together in friendship and fellowship, discovering love..all of you…in new and deep ways.

    As we enter more deeply into Holy Week here at Christ Church, you are close in our prayers, as you are walking with Jesus in such a close way, witnessing to the pain of the cross and the joy of the resurrection.

    Blessings on each of you, Christi

  12. Hello all.. Thanks for the updates.. I wish that we could be there. I saw Carol’s comment and I know that Alex is disappointed that he can’t be there as well. I have been keeping him posted with the blogs ( as his internet access is limited during the week) and he was so relieved to hear that everyone was Ok with the troubles in Moscow subway. You guys stay safe. I know it’s an uneasy feeling being in a foreign country and depending on everyone to tell you what is being said and going on. It is affirming that what is being done for these children is so needed and appreciated.

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